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Daydreams and Play-acting


Cut to flashback! Let us go back in time… and gain some unique insights into how Boman Irani’s training in acting began at the age of 12.

A lot of the credit goes to Boman’s mother. She encouraged him to take an active interest in cinema as an art form. Just opposite their home there was a movie theatre called Alexander Cinema. Boman’s mother asked him to go to Alexander and watch a movie every day. Young Boman was a little confused. He asked his mother why he should go back and watch a movie that he had seen only the day before.

His mother told him to watch the movie again and again – but from a different perspective each time: story, scriptwriting, acting, camerawork, direction, background score, music, etc. It was a one-of-its-kind cinema appreciation course – and it would go a long way in shaping Boman’s career as an actor.

While Boman analyzed various aspects of filmmaking, it was acting that captured his imagination. He would come back from the movie and re-enact every scene of every character in front of his bedroom mirror, paying particular attention to nuances, quirks, expressions, body language and dialogue delivery styles.

Today, as we watch Boman Irani’s magnificent performances in openmouthed amazement, very few of us are aware that this pursuit of excellence and this quest for perfection started at the age of 12… when Boman himself had no idea that someday he would be one of India’s leading specialist character actors.

And remember – behind every successful man is a mother with great ideas!

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