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Indian Mustard Oil in Belgium!


Rick Stein’s culinary journey through India was used to create a highly popular BBC television series that took Indian cuisines and cooking methods into numerous European homes.

Chris Gielen, a Belgian chef watched the series with great interest and was fascinated by the many ways in which Mustard Oil was used by Indians in various parts of India. He decided to try an experiment in which he would create one of his Belgian recipes with Mustard Oil. The result, he found, was delightful.

He began by roasting a chicken on an exquisite base created using tarragon, garlic and lemons. He then brushed the chicken with Mustard Oil and added some of the oil to the base as well. Next, he set his oven to 200 degrees Centigrade and roasted the chicken for an hour or so. The dish, he says, was amazing. The oil gave the chicken a beautiful golden lustre and a subtle, spicy flavour. It also enhanced the flavour of the tarragon and the garlic. And in spite of being heated for an hour, the oil did not lose any of its aromatic appeal.

This is one of the main advantages that Mustard Oil has over other oils: it has a high smoking point and retains all its nutrients and natural antioxidants even at its smoking point.

Like Chris, numerous European, American and Australian chefs have been using cold-pressed Mustard Oil to recreate their local recipes – with fascinating results!

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