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Make in India can be the next big thing for India

Make in India, a new national program under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is designed to transform India into a global manufacturing hub. After a strong international campaigning if it by Mr. Modi, India is heading towards a great future as many countries have supported this initiative, especially those elite NRIs who are willing to help India. After the ‘Make in India‘ call, UK also announced a campaign called – “Great Collaborations” where the country seeks to forge collaborations with Indian companies. This program is seen as great response to Mr. Modi’s International Campaigning and this program by UK plans for a greater cooperation between the companies based in India and the UK on a range of sectors. This is announced by British High Commission in second week of New Year, so it can be seen as a great start of year 2015.

Make in India

Make in India

Some economists and market experts who also support “Make in India” call of Mr. Modi, have also suggested the need of Swadeshi Strategy, which was started as movement, more than 100 years ago by Gandhi ji. Use of “Made in India” products should be the strong economic strategy of India, along with inviting international companies to come and make in India. India is country which is self sufficient in almost everything and thus Mr. Modi should also focus on use of Indigenous Products, especially food and beverages sectors.

Made in India

Made in India

FMCG sector is greatly influenced by international products through India is capable of producing same quality at lower cost but better branding and marketing by international firms have made Indians to get allured to these brands and products. Take the example of Edible Oil. Mustard Oil is considered to be the best oil as per the Indian Climatic Conditions and best suited to heart due to its compositions but with a better marketing strategy, Canolla and Olive Oil is highly preferred by India, considering they are adopting an International Lifestyle.

What palm oil is for Malaysia, olive oil for Italy and soya oil for America, mustard oil can be for India. Crops like soya bean have numerous value-added products like soy milk, protein, nuggets, etc. A similar focus on value addition in Mustard is urgently required. While crushing mustard seeds, the oil accounts for just one-third; the residual two-thirds is oilcake. With proper research the residual oil can be processed to produce high quality bio-diesel and can be used for industrial applications, fertilizers and protein isolation, to name a few. This can enable farmers to earn more remunerative prices and encourage them to expand the overall area under Mustard cultivation. Moreover, high-end research in the area of protein extraction, suitable for human consumption from oilcake can help in addressing protein malnutrition that is prevalent across the country.

Puri Oil Mills Limited, a premium mustard oil manufacturing, with brand name – P Mark Mustard Oil, has also proposed the requirement “Mustard Oil Development Board” for the integrated development of the mustard oil industry in the country, with the focus on higher productivity and value addition.

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