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Fusion Delight: Noodles Pakoras

Updated: Jul 5

Mustard Oil
Fusion Delight: Noodles Pakoras

For the past month or so, we have been celebrating the cool rainy weather with a wide array of traditional Indian snack foods – especially the ever-popular Pakora in its wide variety of forms and flavours. Let’s get a little creative for our next round of snacking. In today’s post we are going to create a fusion Pakora with Noodles!

The ingredients that you will require are given below.

Ingredients for Noodles Pakoras

  1. Noodles: 150 grams

  2. Chickpea Flour (Chane Ka Aata): 250 grams

  3. P Mark Mustard Oil: 100 millilitres

  4. Mustard Seeds (Rai): 1 teaspoon

  5. Onions: 50 grams

  6. Cabbage: 50 grams

  7. Carrots: 50 grams

  8. Capsicum: 50 grams

  9. Green Chillies: 2

  10. Ginger-Garlic Paste: 1 teaspoon

  11. Cumin (Jeera) Seeds: 1 teaspoon

  12. Turmeric (Haldi) Powder: Just a pinch

  13. Coriander (Dhania) Leaves: 2 tablespoons

  14. Salt: to taste

The quantities mentioned above are for two servings. Adjust the quantities proportionately to suit the number of servings you require.

Preparation for Noodles Pakoras

Boil the noodles and keep aside.

Finely chop the onions.

Cut the cabbage into small strips, around an inch in length.

Dice the carrots into small cubes.

Chop the capsicum into small pieces.

Finely chop the green chillies.

Grind the cumin seeds into a coarse powder.

Coarsely chop the coriander leaves.

Method for Noodles Pakoras

In a mixing bowl add the onion, cabbage, carrot, capsicum, green chillies, ginger-garlic paste, turmeric, cumin seeds and salt. Mix well.

Heat a tablespoon of Mustard Oil in a frying pan and sauté the mustard seeds till they begin to splutter. Turn the flame off and transfer the contents of the frying pan to the mixing bowl.

Next, add the boiled noodles to the mixing bowl and mix well. If the noodles are in long strands, use your hands to tear them into smaller strands. This will ensure that the batter-making and frying process will be more manageable.

Now add the chickpea flour along with the coriander leaves. Add water a little at a time to create a thick batter (don’t make it too watery).

Heat the Mustard Oil in a pan on a Medium flame. When the oil reaches its smoking point, reduce the flame to low. The indication of the Mustard Oil reaching its smoking point is that little clouds of white smoke will rise from the oil and the rich aroma of Mustard Oil will spread all across your kitchen.

Carefully drop small portions of the batter-coated noodles in the oil and deep-fry till the Pakoras take on a golden brown colour. Fry the Pakoras in batches to ensure even frying and also to make sure they don’t get burnt.

Place the deep-fried Pakoras on paper towels to drain the excess oil. Since we have done all the frying in a healthy medium like Mustard Oil, this step is optional. Mustard Oil is proven to be packed with significant health benefits and is also known to be minimally absorbed in food during cooking and deep-frying. So the choice is yours. It depends on whether you like your Pakoras a little oily or dry.

Your fusion dish of Oriental-Indian Noodles Pakoras is now ready to be served. Have them with tomato ketchup, mustard sauce or any dip of your choice. And if there’s rain pattering outside your window, keep a cup of steaming hot tea or coffee alongside these delicious fritters and enjoy the glorious weather.

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