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Saluting India’s Oil – Mustard Oil

As India celebrates Independence Day, we would like to dedicate this special day to India’s Oil: Mustard Oil! Watch this delightful video where BomanIrani talks with pride about venerating Mustard Oil as India’s Oil.

All over the world, there are very few countries have their own traditional cooking oils which they have used for centuries. For instance, the Mediterranean countries have olive oil. The other oils you see these days – the Americans with their soya bean oil and the Malaysians with their palm oil – are comparatively recent developments.

That’s why we need to treat Mustard Oil with pride and respect. Mustard Oil is known to have been around for thousands of years – indeed it is India’s gift to the world. The ancient Romans, Gauls and Egyptians all discovered mustard and mustard oil through contact with India.

And what an amazing gift it is from a health perspective! The world and the international medical fraternity sat up and took notice when a study published by the Harvard School of Public Health found that switching to Mustard Oil as a dietary choice reduced the risk of Coronary Artery Disease by more than 70 percent. In a global scenario where heart disease has emerged as one of the largest killers according to the World Health Organisation, mustard oil is proud to be part of the solution.

As Boman says in this video, we should be proud to be “the Flag-bearers for Mustard Oil”. And that is why on Independence Day, we are saluting India’s Oil.

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