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Scientists Discover Yet Another Benefit of Mustard Oil

Scientists Discover Yet Another Benefit of Mustard Oil

The problem of cholesterol (in particular, Bad Cholesterol or LDL) has been a bothersome lifestyle issue for quite some time now. It is known to be a major cause of heart disease. It leads to the formation of deposits (plaque) on the walls of blood vessels, increasing the risks associated with Coronary Vascular Disease and stroke.

Scientists have recently discovered another dangerous thing about bad cholesterol. It adversely affects the ability of neurons to repair their protective sheaths – known as myelin. Studies have found that the build-up of LDL leads to long-term inflammation of these myelin sheaths. This build-up also obstructs the functioning of certain immune cells that repair myelin sheaths when they get damaged.

The implications of these findings are worrying. In addition to compromising your vascular system, these issues can also cause degenerative diseases, especially in old age.

A diet that ensures a regular intake of Mustard Oil can go a long way in preventing this damage to and inflammation of the myelin sheath. Mustard Oil has proven properties for controlling Bad Cholesterol (LDL) and enhancing Good Cholesterol (HDL). So far, doctors advised heart and blood pressure patients to switch to Mustard Oil as their primary cooking medium. Now it looks as though everyone can benefit from Mustard Oil – after all, everyone needs to take care of their blood vessels, not just the elderly.

So there you have it: another potentially dangerous health problem solved by Mustard Oil!

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