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The Health Benefits of Mustard Oil

Updated: Jun 11

Health Benefits of Mustard Oil
Health Benefits of Mustard Oil

Since ancient times, the wise sages and medicine men of India have known about the amazing health benefits that Mustard Oil offers. They may not have had the advanced levels of knowledge that we have today in the fields of Science, Medicine, Physiology, Nutrition and Dietetics – but in spite of that they were aware of the holistic role that Mustard Oil could play in healing and wellness. Now modern science is reinforcing this ancient knowledge by discovering the multifaceted ways in which Mustard Oil helps in keeping the heart, cardiovascular system, digestive system and various organs healthy and functioning efficiently.

One major health benefit offered by Mustard Oil stems from the fact that it is one of the largest plant-based sources of vital Omega-3 Fatty Acids. On this blog, we have often discussed the immense health benefits of Omega-3 in great depth and detail.

Science continues to make new discoveries that keep revalidating the benefits of cold-pressed Mustard Oil. A study conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health has found that women with diabetes can reduce their risk of developing heart disease by as much as 65 per cent by adding a regular intake of Omega-3 Fatty Acids to their diet.

The study covered 5,103 female participants diagnosed with Type-2 Diabetes and free from cardiovascular disease. The study was conducted in the US where cold-pressed Mustard Oil is not used – so the participants were put on fish diets to increase their intake of Omega-3. The findings revealed that among these diabetic women who ate fish five days a week, the risk of coronary vascular disease (CVD) was reduced by 65 per cent. Even a moderate intake of fish twice a week reduced the risk of CVD by around 40 per cent.

In India, one doesn’t have to depend on fish for Omega-3 – and that’s really good news for vegetarians and vegans. We have cold-pressed Mustard Oil that is packed with Omega-3 and has been keeping Indian hearts healthy for thousands of years.

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