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The Oil That Celebrates Happy Moments


The festive season is close at hand – and it’s time to pull out all those celebratory recipes that enhance the festive fervour and create happy moments for friends and family.

For Indians, celebrations are all about food – weddings, anniversaries, parties… everything is about eating together! And across centuries of celebrations, Mustard Oil has become an integral part of these good times. From humble home-cooked food to feasts prepared in royal kitchens, Mustard Oil has been an integral part of India’s flavours and culinary heritage.

In Kashmir, no wedding feast is complete without traditional Wazwan dishes… recipes that can be made only in Mustard Oil. These are complex recipes rooted in antiquity with distinctive methods of preparation and cooking. Take away the Mustard Oil, and the recipes lose their flavour – and their authenticity.

It’s much the same story in Bengal. The joyous Durga Puja celebrations would be hopelessly incomplete and inadequate without Mustard Oil. Those mouth-watering fish curries, chicken gravies and the iconic Bengali Kosha Maangsho cannot be made without Mustard Oil!

Finally, let’s take our celebrations to Punjab. Where would signature dishes like Sarson Da Saag, Amritsari Fish Fry and Bhuna Gosht be without Mustard Oil? And would the high-spirited Punjabis be such a happy bunch of people without these traditional dishes that are deeply ingrained in their gastronomic DNA?

Having been around for thousands of years, Mustard Oil has become an inseparable part of India’s culinary traditions, its festive menus and its upbeat celebrations. So have a great festive season this year – filled with family time, catching up with friends, boisterous parties, memorable feasts, and – of course – Mustard Oil!

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