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Boman Irani Tweets From His Stomach!

There’s one topic of conversation that Boman Irani engages in with the same enthusiasm and fervour that he has for discussing movies – and that’s Food! For his childhood friends, Boman was always the go-to person for advice on where to eat and what to eat while visiting Mumbai. He is also known to be a confirmed foodie and has appeared as a guest on many popular food shows on television.

Recently, he tweeted about his food preferences – both his likes and dislikes… and he did it in that inimitable way that only Boman can do.

Boman Irani Tweets From His Stomach

Boman’s Tweet includes a video link to a short conversation that was casually recorded while shooting a series of in-camera messages for P Mark Mustard Oil (a brand for which Boman Irani has been the brand ambassador for many years now). In the course of this chat, Boman talks about how a Parsi boy from South Bombay ended up in the world of films – which eventually led him to travel to north India… particularly Delhi and Punjab where he discovered a fascinating all-new flavour: Mustard Oil.

In addition to the story of Boman’s culinary journeys, the film also contains some humorous jibes at the kind of food that Boman Irani does not like. Do watch!

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