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The Cancer-Fighting Power of Cold-Pressed Mustard Oil

Updated: Jun 7

The Cancer-Fighting Power of Cold-Pressed Mustard Oil
The Cancer-Fighting Power of Cold-Pressed Mustard Oil

Cold-pressed Mustard Oil has a unique chemistry that gives it the power to prevent and even fight certain types of cancers. In the past, this blog has highlighted the use of mustard oil extracts in the treatment of colon, colorectal and gastrointestinal cancer. Moreover, according to information published by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), mustard can also be used to prevent and treat cancer of the bladder. No other cooking oil offers such amazing applications.

These cancer fighting properties of mustard and Mustard Oil have been reiterated in a study published in the journal Human & Experimental Toxicology, a highly regarded peer-reviewed medical journal that publishes original research in preclinical and clinical pharmacology. This study confirmed that mustard seeds have chemo-preventive properties that offer significant protection against a wide range of carcinogens. The study also re-examined the chemical constituents that give mustard seeds and oil these cancer fighting capabilities.

Mustard contains glucosinolates, a group of plant-based secondary metabolites that are responsible for the characteristic pungency found in Mustard Oil. Mustard also contains myrosinase, the enzyme that is responsible for the hydrolysis of glucosinolates. These glucosinolates and myrosinase combine to form Allyl Isothiocyanate (AITC).

AITC has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that can be used for pain relief and for fighting infections. The study referred to above confirmed that AITC is proven to retard the formation and proliferation of cancer cells in the body. It is also known to inhibit the growth of certain types of tumours.

All this is great news at a time when cancer is emerging as one the leading causes of mortality. The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that cancer causes more than 10 million deaths each year. Of these, colon, colorectal and intestinal cancer accounts for 1.6 million deaths annually. If mustard oil-based treatments can cut these mortality rates by even a fraction, it would be enormously beneficial.

So stay true to Mustard Oil. Make it your primary medium for cooking and deep-frying. Your daily diet could help you keep this dreaded disease away.

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