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Rainy Day Delight: Crisp Onion Rings

Updated: Jul 5

Mustard Oil
Rainy Day Delight: Crisp Onion Rings

Dark clouds and rain-washed skies! It’s the perfect weather for sitting by your window with a hot cup of tea and of course, something interesting to munch. For today’s post we have selected a deep-fried delight that you can fix in a jiffy and enjoy at leisure. Let’s make some Crisp Onion Rings.

The ingredients that you will require are given below.


  1. Onion: 1, medium sized

  2. Flour (Maida): 60 grams

  3. Corn Flour: 2 tablespoons

  4. Cornflakes: 150 grams

  5. P Mark Mustard Oil: 60 millilitres

  6. Green Chilli: 1

  7. Chilli Flakes: Half a teaspoon

  8. Salt: To taste

The quantities mentioned above are for a single serving (one plate). Adjust the ingredients proportionately to suit the number of servings you require.


Peel and wash the onion and cut it into thick slices (around half a centimetre in thickness). Separate each slice into individual rings. Keep the larger rings aside. The remaining onion slices can be coarsely chopped and used as a topping for your final dish.

Finely chop the green chilli.

Grind the cornflakes into crumbs. Place the crumbs on a tray and spread them out evenly.


In a mixing bowl take the flour, corn flour, chilli flakes, chopped green chilli and salt. Mix well, adding enough water to create a smooth batter. You will need around 100 millilitres of water – but add it a little at a time to ensure that the batter does not become too watery.

Heat the Mustard Oil in a pan on a Medium flame till the oil reaches its smoking point and emits whiffs of aromatic white smoke. Then reduce the flame to Low.

Now dip each onion ring in the batter ensuring that it is well-coated. Then place the batter-coated onion ring on the tray containing the cornflake crumbs. Turn the ring over and ensure it is well-coated with crumbs. For best results, you need to do this process twice – batter coating followed by crumb coating, and then batter coating once again followed by one last round of crumb coating.

Next, fry the batter and crumb coated onion rings till they take on a golden brown colour. Ensure even frying on both sides.

Your delightful rainy day snack is now ready. Place the crisply fried onion rings on a platter, sprinkle the remaining chopped onions over the rings and serve with tomato ketchup, mustard sauce or any other dip of your choice. These taste even better alongside a steaming cup of tea or coffee. What a way to spend a rainy day!

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