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Decongesting with Mustard Oil

This is the time of year when congestion becomes a common health problem, especially among children and elderly persons. You can ease the situation by using a simple home remedy that involves just a few drops of cold-pressed Mustard Oil, which is known to be a highly effective decongestant.

If you are constantly down with a blocked nose, try this time-tested treatment. Take two drops of cold-pressed Mustard Oil in the palm of your hand and use your forefinger to gently apply it inside the nostril that is blocked. If both the nostrils are congested, then apply two drops in each of the nostrils. Now lie down using a flat cushion or a rolled towel to elevate your head at a slight angle. You will probably feel a hot sensation inside your nostrils – that means the Mustard Oil is starting its decongestion action.

For those of you who have difficulty sleeping at night because of a blocked nose, you could try this Mustard Oil treatment just before you go to bed. Apply the Mustard Oil, go to sleep on your back using a single, preferably thin, pillow – and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Cold-pressed Mustard Oil is also very good for easing chest congestion and respiratory distress. Here are a couple of home remedies you could try. Heat water in a large wide-mouthed utensil and bring it to a boil. Add two tablespoons of Mustard Oil along with a teaspoon of cumin (Jeera) seeds. Turn the flame off after a minute or so and remove the utensil; place it on a mat on a flat surface. Now put a towel over your heat and inhale the mustard-infused steam. Continue doing this till the steam stops rising.

Another home remedy for chest congestion, particularly suitable for children, is to warm a tablespoon of cold-pressed Mustard Oil and gently apply it on the chest, massaging it over the sternum and the area just below the throat. Do this at night for a relaxing and restful sleep.

Don’t let winter woes get you down – fight back with Mustard Oil.

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