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Grandma’s Recipe for Karela Pickle

The Karela with its characteristic bitter taste may not be a very interesting vegetable for most Indians, but we have it anyway because it’s healthy. But hey! It makes a great pickle. We dug out an old, old recipe for Karela Pickle that has been passed down from one generation to the next.

You will need…

Karela (1 Kg)

Jeera (200 g)

Dhania (200 g)

Mustard Seeds (2 tablespoons, ground)

Green Chillies (24, minced)

Ginger (3-inch piece, minced)

Juice of 18 lemons

Salt (1 tablespoon)

Mustard Oil (500 ml)

Take a dry tava and roast the Jeera and Dhania separately. Next take the Jeera, Dhania and Mustard Seeds and grind them separately.

Mix the green chillies, ginger, salt and ground spices with the lemon juice. Slowly stir this mixture into the Karelas. Take a sterilized jar (the ones typically used for pickling) and fill it with the mixture. Tie the top (mouth of the jar) with a muslin cloth and place the jar in the sun for four days. Remember to take the jar in every night (to protect the pickle from moisture) and put it out in the sun the next morning.

After four days, you are ready to add the most important ingredient – Mustard Oil. Heat the oil till it boils, and then cool it completely. Pour it into the jar making sure that it covers the Karelas.

Your Karela Pickle is ready – and after you’ve relished it, it will completely change the way you look at the Karela!

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