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The Unique Health Benefits of Cold-Pressed Mustard Oil

Updated: Jun 26

Health Benefits of Cold-Pressed Mustard Oil
Health Benefits of Cold-Pressed Mustard Oil

An in-depth scientific report on the health benefits of cold-pressed Mustard Oil published in the Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research highlights the uniqueness of Mustard Oil in terms of the myriad nutrients it contains. This is a cooking medium that requires no additives whatsoever – it is perfect and holistic in a completely natural, cold-pressed form. An ideal substance!

The report mentions an impressive array of health benefits that can be derived from the various nutrients found in cold-pressed Mustard Oil. 100 grams of this oil contain:

Protein (1.88 grams) and Zinc (0.44 milligrams): These ensure proper growth and development of the human body.

Calcium (38.9 milligrams): Builds strong bones and teeth

Selenium (9.96 milligrams): Promotes liver health and strengthens muscles

Magnesium (49 milligrams): Lowers blood pressure, fights inflammation and promotes healthy biochemical reactions within the body

Vitamin A (3%): Good for healthy vision

Vitamin C (5%): Enhances metabolism

Vitamin E (34 milligrams): A powerful natural antioxidant

Sodium (1120 milligrams) and Potassium (151 milligrams): Controls the acid base balance in the body

Dietary Fibre (1.08 milligrams): Enhances the functioning of the digestive system

In terms of health and nutrition benefits, cold-pressed Mustard Oil has a profile like no other oil. Every time you cook something in this oil, your intake of vital nutrients is significantly improved. And because Mustard Oil has a high smoking point (250o C), all these nutrients remain intact throughout the cooking process.

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