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Improve Your Sleep with Mustard Oil

Updated: Jun 12

Improve Your Sleep with Mustard Oil
Improve Your Sleep with Mustard Oil

If you are one of those people who don’t wake up in the morning feeling rested and fresh, this is a home remedy that could be very useful for you. If you sleep fitfully or if you don’t achieve deep sleep, do try this remedy.

It is a simple – and ancient – Ayurvedic treatment, and it needs just one ingredient: cold-pressed Mustard Oil.

In a webinar on ancient Indian home remedies organized by the Hindustan Times media group, well-known Ayurveda expert Dr Parmeshwar Arora described the three simple steps that comprise this treatment.

Step One: Take a little Mustard Oil (just a drop is enough) on the tip of your forefinger and rub it gently on top of your head – in particular, on the small bald patch from which the hair on your head swirls outwards.

Step Two: Take a few drops of Mustard Oil on the tip of the forefinger of each hand and then rub the tips of your forefingers on the tips of your thumbs so that the oil is on the fingertip and thumb tip of both hands. Now rub the oil into your earlobes, massaging them gently with a downward motion of the forefinger and thumb of each hand, pulling the earlobes downwards. Just a minute of this massaging action is enough. It doesn’t need an extended massage till the oil is absorbed.

Step Three: Take a few drops of Mustard Oil on the palm of your left hand. Dip the tip of your right hand forefinger in the oil and then gently apply it to the insides of both nostrils – left and right. Remember, cold-pressed Mustard Oil is pungent so don’t apply a large quantity – it may cause irritation in the nostrils. A tiny amount is all you need.

Do this every night for a week and you will notice a dramatic change in your sleep patterns and you will start waking up feeling fresh and full of energy.

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