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Chef Manjit Gill and Chef Reetika Gill: Champions of Mustard Oil and Indian Culinary Heritage

Updated: Jun 25

Champions of Mustard Oil and Indian Culinary Heritage
Champions of Mustard Oil and Indian Culinary Heritage

Chef Manjit Gill is a towering figure in the field of culinary arts and fine dining. His presence as an expert on various Indian and international television shows has made him something of a celebrity in his field. Chef Gill is a powerful spokesperson for the preservation of India’s rich culinary heritage and believes in adopting a grassroots approach to traditional cooking methods, practices and ingredients. He has been awarded the prestigious Escoffier Medal by the World Association of Chefs’ Societies and has served as the President of the Indian Federation of Culinary Associations.

Following in his footsteps, Chef Manjit Gill’s daughter, Chef Reetika Gill is equally passionate about the promotion of sustainable food, heritage recipes and local produce. She meticulously implements her culinary philosophy at her chain of restaurants, Curry Singh Kitchens, where she is both Owner and Head Chef. She prides herself on the fact that the kitchen at Curry Singh Kitchens has been a zero waste facility right from its inception. She also endorses various social and humanitarian endeavours; one such initiative is the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of Zero Hunger.

Chef Reetika Gill’s dedication to healthy food and the preservation of India’s culinary heritage can be seen in her choice of cooking media. All food at Curry Singh Kitchens is cooked only in traditional Indian ghee or cold-pressed Mustard Oil. This is not just encouraging from a nutritional perspective; it also preserves the authenticity of ethnic Indian dishes.

Chef Manjit Gill too is an ardent proponent of traditional cold-pressed Mustard Oil. Headlining a webinar organized by P Mark Mustard Oil in collaboration with Hindustan Times Media, Chef Gill emphasized the fact that Mustard Oil was ideal for Indian cooking because of its high smoking point. He also demonstrated how Mustard Oil can skilfully be used to create, accentuate and balance the flavours of a dish.

With passionate supporters like Chef Manjit Gill and Chef Reetika Gill, India’s culinary legacy and the heritage value of Mustard Oil are in safe hands.

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