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Mustard Oil for a Glowing Skin Tone

Mustard Oil for a Glowing Skin Tone

Some of the commonest misconceptions arise from the erroneous application of straight line thinking. One such misconception is that just because Mustard Oil has a rich dark colour, using it for massage and skincare will end up darkening one’s skin. Wrong! In fact, the effect is quite the opposite – mustard oil actually de-tans the skin, lightening the skin and reducing dark spots.

For thousands of years, Mustard Oil has been an integral part of skincare in India because it is known to have a revitalizing effect. It tones; it moisturises naturally; it prevents dry, flaky skin; it improves blood circulation; it cleanses the pores of the skin; its heating action opens the pores of the skin and enables the body to flush toxins out through the sweat glands more effectively; and it clears up any pigmentation and other marks that you may have on your skin.

The high levels of Vitamin E in Mustard Oil also make it a highly effective natural sunscreen. Before going out on a sunny day, all one has to do is apply a thin layer of mustard oil on the face, neck, arms, hands and other parts that are exposed. This will protect your skin from the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

In today’s harsh urban living conditions, Mustard Oil also protects your skin from being attacked by free radicals that are active in atmospheric pollution. The air quality warning being flashed across television channels these days are ominous and alarming – ranging from ‘Poor” to “Severe”. Mustard Oil is rich in natural antioxidants that prevent cellular damage to your skin – and are even known to regenerate damaged skin cells.

There’s just one problem with using Mustard Oil as a moisturiser, sunscreen lotion and anti-pollution shield – many of today’s younger generation do not like the smell of Mustard Oil. No problem! All you have to do is to mix it with any essential oil of your choice; the smell will be masked but all the fantastic benefits will remain intact.

So go for Mustard Oil – and glow with it!

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