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Embrace Mustard Oil: A Natural Moisturizer for Winter Skin Care

Updated: Jun 24

Embrace Mustard Oil: A Natural Moisturizer for Winter Skin Care
Embrace Mustard Oil: A Natural Moisturizer for Winter Skin Care

Winter is a cruel season for your skin. The dry weather snatches the moisture from your skin cells leaving your epidermis dry, flaky, itchy – and looking pretty ugly. So what can you do? Reach for moisturisers, of course – there’s no dearth of them. Cosmetic counters and retail shelves are packed with colourful moisturising creams, gels and ointments in elegant bottles. But beware!

The vast majority of moisturisers that you find on retail shelves are full of harmful chemicals – some of them are really toxic and decidedly dangerous. Many moisturising creams contain a chemical called Butylated Hydroxyanisole or BHA. Even the very name sounds sinister, doesn’t it? BHA is associated with significant carcinogenic risks.

Other moisturising creams are packed with Parabens that expose women to the risk of breast cancer. And there are many other moisturisers that contain petroleum-based ingredients like mineral oils and paraffin – not exactly the things you would like to rub on your skin, no matter how dry it gets.

Did you know that one of the safest and best natural moisturisers can be found in your kitchen in the form of cold-pressed Mustard Oil? It is rich in natural Vitamin E which keeps your epidermis soft, supple and well-hydrated. Mustard Oil also has natural heating properties that open the pores of the skin, allowing the oil to penetrate deeper into the epidermis to deliver a lasting moisturising effect.

But what about the smell that Mustard Oil has? Well, if you don’t like the smell, just mix the Mustard Oil with a few drops of any essential oil of your choice. You can use lemon, lavender or eucalyptus to mask the smell of Mustard Oil while retaining all the natural moisturising capabilities that this amazing oil has to offer.

Give it a try this winter – it’s safe, enriching and very effective.

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