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The Foodie’s Philosophy

Back in his young days, Boman Irani was extremely fond of eating out. He knew all the nooks and crannies of Bombay where one could discover everything from street food to fine dining experiences. His old friend and fellow foodie Kunal Vijaykar remembers that Boman was always a reliable resource when anyone was trying to answer the question: Where shall we eat tonight?

Today Boman continues to be a diehard foodie – but his philosophy of food has changed. He has become more responsible in his eating habits but he remains as adventurous as ever. His current passion is for home-cooked food… especially other people’s mom’s cooking.

In this film Boman talks in detail about how he likes his food (and how not!) and tells the story of his discovery of an all-new taste: the flavours of Punjab.

Recently, Boman also tweeted about this:

Boman Irani

Part of Boman’s Punjab experience was his first taste of Mustard Oil. He has a lovely description for this homely taste; he describes it as having “A feeling of family”.

What a wonderful way to describe the unique flavour of Mustard Oil – but then again, foodies always have a way with words when it comes to talking about food!

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