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The Health Benefits of Mustard Oil: A Doctor's Perspective

Updated: Jun 12

The Health Benefits of Mustard Oil: A Doctor's Perspective
The Health Benefits of Mustard Oil: A Doctor's Perspective

There was a time long ago when doctors were not too enthusiastic about recommending Mustard Oil as a healthy cooking medium. It probably had something to do with the fact that Mustard Oil was, at that time, one of the products being distributed through ration shops and was, therefore, perceived as “downmarket” and “unfashionable”. But all that has changed dramatically in the past two decades, and now riding on a wave of medical and scientific research that reiterates the age-old health benefits of Mustard Oil, doctors (especially cardiologists), nutritionists and dieticians are unequivocally recommending Mustard Oil as the primary cooking oil for both cooking and deep-frying.

One such doctor is Dr S. C. Manchanda (a Padma Shri awardee often called the “Father of Indian Cardiology”). He has a simple three-pronged approach to heart health. One: Stop smoking; two: start doing Yoga every day; and three: switch to Mustard Oil, making it your primary cooking medium. Dr Manchanda believes that Indian hearts respond best to age-old Indian cooking oils like Mustard Oil and Ghee. He has never been in favour of exotic oils imported from other countries.

Another doctor who has his own three-pronged approach is Dr Bharat Rawat, a prominent cardiologist. He advises his patients to reduce stress, develop healthy eating habits and exercise regularly. For stress reduction he recommends ancient Indian practices like meditation and Yoga. For healthy eating habits, he too is a firm believer in ancient Indian oils like Mustard Oil. For exercise, he recommends light calisthenics, walking and Yoga.

Like Dr Manchanda, Dr Rawat too believes in making food choices that are local, not global. He tells his patients to avoid olive oil – he believes it is unsuitable for Indian cooking because the oil has a relatively low smoking point while Indian cooking needs prolonged heating across multiple stages.

So listen to advice being given by these renowned doctors and make the switch to cold-pressed Mustard Oil. Keep your heart happy and well-protected.

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