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Wear a Face Mask – and Stay Safe

As a standalone weapon, a face mask may not be enough to prevent COVID-19 but the World Health Organization has pointed out that in conjunction with hand sanitizing/washing and social distancing, face masks could indeed save lives. Recent scientific research has proven that face masks can play a key role in protecting you from the deadly and highly contagious Coronavirus.

Researchers at the University of Southern Denmark in Copenhagen found that face masks that have the right specifications, and if they are worn correctly, can protect people in three ways.

One: By reducing the chances of catching the virus

Two: By reducing the chances of transmitting the virus

Three: By reducing the severity of infection in persons who end up catching the virus

Another study spanning more than 200 countries found that the increases (on a weekly basis) in per capita mortality were four times lower in places where the use of face masks was mandated and rigorously followed or stringently enforced, in comparison with other places.

As a brand that has always cared for the health and wellness of its consumers and also, as a responsible corporate citizen, P Mark Mustard Oil has – in a small, humble way – been promoting the use of face masks.

Moving away from the typical festive promotion offers that are launched at this time of the year, the brand has adopted a more serious, sombre tone this year. It exhorts its customers to stay safe while they celebrate the festive season. To facilitate this, the brand is offering a free face mask with every 5-litre pack of cold-pressed Mustard Oil.

The risks of infection are likely to rise as we head into the winter months. It’s crucially important to heed scientists and their findings. Wash your hands and sanitize rigorously. Practice social distancing at all times. And please, please wear a face mask. Stay safe!

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