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Your Baby’s Shield of Protection

Your Baby’s Shield of Protection

The advent of winter can be a harrowing time for the parents of infants and newborn babies. These little ones are extremely susceptible to colds. Even if you keep them all swathed up in blankets and woollies, they still end up catching sniffles, coughs and colds.

Here’s a traditional Indian form of protection that is proven to be effective for hundreds if not thousands of years: a gently Mustard Oil massage.

The benefits of a gentle rubdown with cold-pressed Mustard Oil are multifaceted. For starters, Mustard Oil has an innate heating property that helps warm up your baby and improve blood circulation. This heating action can be enhanced by warming the Mustard Oil a little and adding carom seeds (Ajwain) along with a clove or two of garlic.

Such a rubdown with Mustard Oil can be particularly comforting and protective if you are living in a place where winters tend to be severe – north India, for instance.

In addition to the gentle warming action, Mustard Oil also contains natural antioxidants, Calcium and Vitamin E. These tones the baby’s skin and also strengthen the little bones. An added benefit comes from the moisturising action of Mustard Oil. It keeps your baby’s skin naturally moist and supple – many babies turn crabby and cantankerous during the winter months because of itchy dry skin. Well, that problem is solved quite easily.

And finally, the powerful antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties of Mustard Oil go a long way in preventing various illnesses that tend to crop up during the winter season.

Looks like Mother Nature put a lot of thought into creating this very special baby care product called Mustard Oil!

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