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Another Master Chef Talks About Mustard Oil

This blog has several posts on Indian and international master chefs talking about the versatility, health benefits and unique flavour of cold-pressed Mustard Oil. Such culinary personalities have included Chef Manjit Gill, Chef Nishant Choubey, Chef Harpal Sokhi, Chef Abbas Bhat and many others.

In today’s post we look at another Master Chef talking about Mustard Oil – celebrity chef, food entrepreneur and television personality Chef Sanjeev Kapoor.

Cold-pressed Mustard Oil, Sanjeev Kapoor believes, is an essential part of India’s heritage and culinary history. Very few oils have characteristics that are as distinct as Mustard Oil – the golden-yellow colour, the unique flavour and the typical pungency of this oil set it apart from all others.

Sanjeev Kapoor has always been a believer in Mustard Oil as a healthy cooking medium – one that is particularly suited for Indian cooking, tempering, marinating and deep-frying because of its high smoking point. His belief has been reinforced in recent decades as medical science uncovered various amazing health benefits offered by Mustard Oil. It is good for your heart; it reduces cholesterol; it is packed with vitamins and natural antioxidants; and it stimulates your appetite, making your food more enjoyable.

As a chef, Sanjeev Kapoor is well aware that the pungent aroma and taste of cold-pressed Mustard Oil may not be suitable for every dish that he prepares. He has a trick up his sleeve to handle this aspect. He simply heats the oil till it reaches its smoking point. The indication that the oil has reached its smoking point is that puffs of white smoke will rise up from the pan and a rich aroma will fill the kitchen. A pinch of salt is then added and the heating of the oil is allowed to continue for another minute or so. And that’s it – the overpowering sense of pungency will be gone.

That’s the great thing about talking to master chefs – you always learn some interesting tips and tricks!

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