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Elevate Your Salad Game with Cucumber and Mustard Oil Dressing

Updated: Jun 19

Cucumber and Mustard Oil Dressing
Cucumber and Mustard Oil Dressing

When you think of a salad what usually comes to mind is a bland plate of vegetables that you feel compelled to eat for health and fitness reasons. Well, today we are going to turn the tables with a salad that ramps up the taste factor without compromising on health.

This is a Cucumber Salad with Mustard Oil Dressing. The cool, tranquil undertones of cucumber are juxtaposed with the gentle warm pungency of cold-pressed Mustard Oil, the fiery tingle of red pepper, and balanced subtly by the tang of lime juice. Whether you are having pasta, noodles or even Indian food, this salad is an ideal accompaniment.

This dish needs a very simple set of ingredients.


  1. Cucumber: 2

  2. Peanuts: 60 grams

  3. P Mark Mustard Oil: 30 millilitres

  4. Lime Juice: 4 tablespoons

  5. Red Pepper Flakes: 2 teaspoons

  6. Salt: to taste

The quantities mentioned above are for making four servings. Adjust the quantities proportionately to suit the number of servings that you require.


In a frying pan dry-roast the peanuts over a Medium flame. When the peanuts turn brown in colour, switch the flame off. Pour the roasted peanuts into a mortar and use a pestle to grind them into a coarse powder. Keep aside.

Wash the cucumbers. Cut off and discard the ends. Slice each cucumber lengthwise and then cut the vertically sliced cucumber into thin slices, creating semi-circular pieces.


In a small mixing bowl, add the Mustard Oil and lime juice. Use a fork or spoon to mix well.

Take the cucumber pieces in another mixing bowl. Pour the mustard oil-lime juice mixture over the cucumbers. Next, add the ground peanuts and red pepper flakes. Stir to mix all the ingredients well.

Finally, add salt to taste and mix the contents one more time.

Your sizzling Cucumber Salad with Mustard Oil Dressing is now ready. Serve it immediately. Don’t let this salad sit because cucumber tends to release water, and this dilutes the dressing and affects the flavour.

You would also have noticed that Mustard Oil has strategically been used as a taste agent in this recipe. There is no cooking involved. Cold-pressed Mustard Oil is among few oils that can be used in a raw form. It has a warm smoky flavour and a characteristic zing that thrills the taste buds. You can’t use refined oils to dress a salad; that would completely ruin the taste. In Mediterranean salads olive oil is used as a dressing – but it has a very subdued flavour. On the contrary, in this recipe Mustard Oil is an “active ingredient” responsible for the enchanting taste of the salad.

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