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Mustard Oil: A Cardiologist-Approved Choice for Heart Health

Updated: Jun 6

The Shift in Medical Opinion on Mustard Oil

A couple of decades ago, doctors were a bit reluctant to talk about the health benefits of cold-pressed Mustard Oil, mainly because there was no clear scientific evidence to support such benefits. The tide turned dramatically with the findings of a landmark study carried out by the Harvard School of Medicine in collaboration with India’s renowned All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, and St. John’s Medical College Hospital, Bangalore. The study found that the simple dietary habit of making cold-pressed Mustard Oil one’s primary cooking and deep-frying medium could reduce the risks associated with Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) by more than 70 per cent. This made the medical fraternity sit up and take notice for certain! Since then, cardiologists, especially in India, have reaffirmed that a regular intake of Mustard Oil through one’s daily diet is very beneficial not only for the heart but also for the entire cardiovascular system.

Expert Endorsements of Mustard Oil

This blog has often written about doctors, nutritionists and healthcare practitioners who are quite unequivocal in their support for Mustard Oil. In today’s post we look at the views of another cardiologist, Dr Paramjeet Singh, who is also a well-known influencer in the online space.

Like many other cardiologists, Dr Singh is an ardent supporter of age-old Indian oils like cold-pressed Mustard Oil and Ghee. In his opinion, while both these cooking media are healthy, if one has to choose one then the choice should be in favour of a plant-based cooking medium – that is, Mustard Oil. Dr Singh also emphasises that the oil must be cold-pressed. He warns discerning consumers not to be fooled by descriptors like “refined” and “double filtered” because most of the natural nutrients of the oil are lost in such processing. That’s the beauty of cold-pressed Mustard Oil: it is minimally processed and no chemicals or additives are used in the extraction of the oil from the mustard oilseeds.

The Growing Consensus Among Cardiologists

Dr Paramjeet Singh is yet another cardiologist who joins the large number of cardiologists (and other specialists) recommending Mustard Oil. They tell their patients to switch to cold-pressed Mustard Oil and make it their primary cooking medium. So what about you? Have you made the transition to Mustard Oil?

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