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The Vitality of Omega-3 in Cold-Pressed Mustard Oil

Updated: Jul 3

Mustard Oil
The Vitality of Omega-3 in Cold-Pressed Mustard Oil

One of the most vital nutrients in cold-pressed Mustard Oil is a fatty acid called Omega-3. Not only is Mustard Oil rich in Omega-3, it is also among the largest plant-based sources of this essential fatty acid. Omega-3 offers a dazzling range of health benefits ranging from keeping your heart and blood vessels healthy to increasing good cholesterol (HDL), reducing bad cholesterol (LDL), controlling blood pressure and reducing the risks of stroke and hypertension.

A study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition highlights yet another amazing benefit of Omega-3. The study finds that higher levels of Omega-3 in the red blood cells (blood erythrocytes) may have the effect of increasing life expectancy by nearly five years. That is truly fascinating!

The study shows that a small 1% increase in Omega-3 in the blood can dramatically alter the risk of mortality in a way that is equivalent to giving up smoking. Just a one per cent increase! This single data point should be enough to convince everyone to increase their intake of Omega-3.

The strange thing about Omega-3 is that your body cannot produce this nutrient on its own. Omega-3 must be acquired via one’s diet – and one of the easiest ways to do this is by using cold-pressed Mustard Oil as one’s primary cooking medium. In this way, every meal you cook in Mustard Oil gives you a dose of Omega-3.

So with Mustard Oil, you not only enjoy your food better – you also enjoy a longer life. Go for it!

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