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When Mustard Oil is a Must

The well-known food writer and gourmet, Vir Sanghvi, once asked his readers (via Social Media) to describe an ingredient that was a “must” for their favourite dishes… an ingredient that could not be substituted without affecting the authentic flavour of the dish. And a large number of food lovers responded with… Mustard Oil.

Responding to Sanghvi’s post, restaurateur Anjan Chatterjee who owns the Oh! Calcutta chain pointed out that Mustard Oil was a “compulsory ingredient” for many Bengali dishes. One of the most popular dishes served by Oh! Calcutta is Kosha Mangsho (a well-known Bengali mutton dish) – and it can never be made without Mustard Oil.

Actor Shabana Azmi also picked Mustard Oil because her favourite Lucknowi Aloo Gosht just doesn’t taste the same in any other oil.

Vir Sanghvi agreed wholeheartedly with all the views being expressed about Mustard Oil because he too believes that one of his favourite recipes – the famous Rogan Josh from Kashmir – is impossible to create in all its authentic glory without Mustard Oil. To check his facts, Sanghvi got in touch with several Kashmiri chefs like Dipak Haksar of ITC Hotels and Virender Razdan of ITC Windsor, Bangalore. They confirmed the fact that while the recipes underwent some variations as they passed from one generation to the next, Mustard Oil was always the compulsory ingredient.

And that’s something that Boman Irani, the brand ambassador for P Mark Mustard Oil, also mentions in this short video clip:

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