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Why Mustard Oil is Essential

Updated: Jun 11

Why Mustard Oil is Essential
Why Mustard Oil is Essential

Cooking oil plays a very vital role in nutrition and wellness because it is an important source of fat. Fats are essential for producing the energy that your body requires for proper functioning, movement and work.

In 1989, a WHO study recommended that around 30 per cent of the body’s daily calories should come from fats. The findings of the study were ratified by a follow-up study conducted in 2002 by experts from the WHO and FAO.

In spite of these recommendations, some fitness-conscious people and particularly, those who are worried about putting on weight, try to remove oil altogether from their daily diets. The same measure is also adopted by some patients who suffer from heart disease or hypertension. In fact, there are some “fad diets” that are built on the premise of eliminating oil completely from the daily diet.

This is a bad idea – a really bad idea, and gradually, doctors, cardiologists and nutritionists are recognizing the inherent dangers of such a move. Eminent cardiologist Dr Ashok Seth warns that eliminating oil and fats from one’s diet could lead to brain, neuron and nerve problems. It may also cause fatigue, lethargy and mental health issues.

Dr Seth recommends that you should get your daily quota of fats from oils like cold-pressed Mustard Oil which is packed with good fats like Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFA) and Monounsaturated Fatty Acids (MUFA). Mustard Oil is also low on bad fats like Saturated Fatty Acids (SFA) and Trans Fatty Acids (TFA). Among all cooking oils,

Mustard Oil has the lowest levels of SFA and zero TFA. This well-balanced fatty acid profile makes Mustard Oil an ideal way to add healthy fats to your daily diet. It is also good for your heart, blood pressure and cholesterol.

Dr Seth calls Mustard Oil a tremendous cooking medium and recommends a daily intake of around 3 teaspoons per day per person.

So there you have it – yet another great reason for making cold-pressed Mustard Oil your primary cooking medium.

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