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Hair – and Lovely!

Hair – and Lovely!

One of the greatest attributes of Mustard Oil lies in its amazing versatility. And we aren’t just talking about cooking methods and culinary applications here. Since ancient times, and long before cosmetic products were even invented, Mustard Oil has been used for hair care and skincare.

Mustard Oil is a perfect hair care formulation created lovingly by Mother Nature. For starters, its Vitamin E and beta-carotene content makes it an ideal hair nourishment tonic. When it is massaged gently into the scalp, the heating action of Mustard Oil opens the pores of the skin and allows the nutrients to penetrate right to the hair follicles. This prevents hair fall, promotes hair growth and ensures healthier, stronger hair by nourishing the follicles. A vigorous scalp massage using Mustard Oil also boosts blood circulation in the scalp – this in turn promotes hair growth and keeps hair healthy.

Mustard Oil is also rich in alpha fatty acids. This makes Mustard Oil a natural hair conditioner, ensuring thick lustrous hair.

Mustard Oil is also packed with natural antioxidants. This prevents premature greying, hair fall and follicular damage.

And here’s the best part – this marvellous hair tonic has no chemicals, no artificial additives and no harmful side-effects. It is 100 percent natural.

Mustard Oil… an integral part of traditional Indian hair care – for thousands of years!

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