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The Quest for the Best


There’s a great quality in today’s younger generation. They refuse to settle for anything less than the best. They are always looking for the best workout, the best weight-loss method, the best fitness routine, the best stress-relieving techniques… and so on.

Health and Nutrition is high on their list of concerns; so sooner or later the question is bound to crop up: Which is the best edible oil?

A decade or so ago, this would have been a very confusing question. A mind-boggling array of refined oils came flooding into the market. They promised everything from heart health and lower cholesterol to slimming and nutritional benefits. Sadly, these were false claims – and their high-decibel advertising campaigns were blatantly misleading and untrue. In several cases, the Advertising Standards Council of India intervened, compelling marketers to withdraw these ads.

The younger generation was watching closely. And being of the health-conscious variety they were highly concerned. So they turned to their doctors, dieticians and fitness instructors with the question: Which is the best edible oil? Mustard oil was the reply they encountered from numerous sources… in particular, their grandparents and parents.

Eminent cardiologist Dr S. C. Manchanda points out that the age-old oils like mustard oil, desi ghee and coconut oil are far healthier than chemically processed refined oils. Particularly in the case of mustard oil, its antioxidant, antimicrobial, antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties and attributes make it tower above other edible oils. In fact, it isn’t just a cooking oil – it’s a natural medicine and health supplement too.

Thanks to medical experts like Dr Manchanda and many others, the question “Which is the best edible oil?” can now be answered in two simple words: Mustard Oil.

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